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Welcome to Speaking About Stories - StoryTalk! My career began in journalism and copywriting. When I had my own children I transitioned to education, first working in a PreK-K classroom, then in elementary, middle, and high schools, where I taught literacy and built intervention programs. I've also worked as a curriculum writer, editor, and product trainer, and my own professional books include Writing Strategies for the Common Core (Gr. 3-5, Gr. 6-8, Capstone Publishing), and What the Science of Reading Says About Writing (Shell Education). But my favorite thing to do is to read with young children!


About Me

I'm an educator and a writer, and I created this site to help parents and caregivers of young children learn how to use read-aloud and story time to forge bonds and build relationships. Even though I'm a former teacher, curriculum writer, and administrator, this site is not about lesson plans (although teachers may like it, too!). I want to show caregivers how to use stories as conversation starters by engaging your child with thought-provoking questions. Use the guides presented here and learn How to Preview, Where to Pause, What to Point to, and What to Ponder as you read aloud with your child!

I live in Southern California with my husband and three doggies, and my two adult children live with their partners in Washington and Minnesota. 


Writing Strategies for the Common Core: Reading Comprehension in the Writing Process Grades 3-5

Common Core is a list of objectives and standards that are to provide each student with higher level thinking skills. This teacher's guide explains the writing process as it relates to reading comprehension. The objectives of Common Core are integrated into the material. A valuable resource for teaching the writing process and linking it to reading comprehension in Grades 3-5.

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5.0 out of 5 stars It is not to difficult not to easy.

Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2014

Found this book to be very resourceful and user friendly. My daughter completes a couple of pages over each weekend in preparation for the upcoming state exams in April 2015. This review book appears to be to date and keeps her challenged. It is not to difficult not to easy.

SOR Writing.jpg
This professional development resource examines current research on the science of reading and discusses what it means for classrooms today. From detailed background information to meaningful classroom tips, authors Jennifer Jump and Hillary Wolfe provide everything teachers need to help students develop important writing skills. 


Let me help you explore a story!

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